Newborn baby in hospital

Why Breast Milk is So Important

Learn about why breast milk is so important for babies, especially for those in the NICU, where our milk donations go.

  • Premature babies are more likely to get infections, particularly in their stomachs, and breast milk helps.
  • Breast milk contains hormones, nutrients and growth factors that help babies grow and develop.
  • is easier for your baby to digest than formula milk, because it’s human milk specially designed by your body for your baby

On the CDC’s page on breastfeeding, Dr. Ruth Petersen, director of CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity states:

“Breastfeeding provides unmatched health benefits for babies and mothers. It is the clinical gold standard for infant feeding and nutrition, with breast milk uniquely tailored to meet the health needs of a growing baby.”

Babies in Neonatal Care

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

“One of the most common reasons for a baby to go to the NICU is because the baby was born early, or premature. Babies who are born prematurely need breast milk even more than term babies. Studies show that premature babies are at higher risk of infection than babies born on their due date and breast milk has been shown to help prevent infections in these babies.”

Ready to Donate Breast Milk?