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Donate Milk

If you are currently lactating and have surplus milk, you can become a donor.

How to Get Started Donating Milk

Mothers in Mississippi and surrounding areas can donate their extra milk to help save premature and sick infants. Milk is received by, processed and stored by the Mother’s Milk Bank of Mississippi until it is distributed to a child in need by a physician.

Donor mothers are women who are currently lactating and have surplus milk. We accept minimum donations of 100 ounces of milk.

Donor Qualifications

We require that donors be non-smokers in good general health, not currently using certain medications, and not using herbal supplements. We will provide a blood test for HIV and other diseases at our expense.

Support for Donors

We will provide supplies and teach you how to safely and comfortably package your donation.

We have drop-off locations across the state ready to receive and distribute your donation.

You can read stories from donors to learn about their experiences!

If you believe that you qualify as a donor, please fill out our form below, or contact our Donor Mom Coordinator at [email protected] or 601-939-5504

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How to Donate Breast Milk

Curious about how donating works? We’ve got every step!