MMBM is recognized by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America and operates under its guidelines and principles.

MMBM is Mississippi’s only accredited HMBANA milk bank. We are medically-supported and professionally staffed, processing, storing and dispensing human breast milk for Mississippians. Human breast milk is essential for supporting premature and special needs infants with the highest quality nutrition for survival and recovery.

Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi is a non-profit effort supported by volunteers. You can help our cause and Mississippi children with your donation.

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  • Milk Run 5K: Pacing for Preemies. Walk, run, or just watch our 2023 Milk Run as we celebrate, honor and remember all these tiny warriors! Coming yourway in September. Register by August 25 for this important event!

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  • Team up with Kroger: Register online with Kroger, and they will automatically donate a portion of your grocery purchases to MMBM. It's one of the easiest ways to give! Start now.

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